I'm actually a bit surprised that this movie looks entertaining to me. I was familiar with the original series, but never really followed. And I wasn't real crazy about the idea of making this version a silly comedy. But the more I see of this movie, the more I wanna see the whole thing.

This extended red-band trailer is most definitely NSFW...but it is definitely funny!

Here are some things about this flick that kinda excite me (that sounds weird). Ice muthaeffing Cube! What is there not to like about Cube? He looks like he's gonna be a serious scene stealer as the "angry black captain". James Franco's little brother Dave Franco plays a high school drug dealer. If you had the chance to see Franco in the last season of Scrubs, then you know that dude is just funny. Rob Riggle...need I say more.

21 Jump Street will be in theaters on Friday, March 16th.