What would think about a website where people could post anonymously and say anything they wanted to about you - true or not?

This is the major beef I have with a website called topix.com. On this website, there are regional sections that cover most parts of the country.

I have seen and read things about friends of mine on this site which were beyond unkind and beyond untrue. Only a coward would say horrendous things about someone and not put their name and reputation behind the statement.

Recently, members of the Evansville Police Department were issued threats on this website by someone using the screen name US ARMY. In the post, US ARMY threatens to kill officers and their families. Another stated that the poster had American-made explosives adding, "Evansville will feel my pain."

Those threats prompted Thursday's SWAT raid on a home in the 600 block of Powell Avenue.

Police obtained a search warrant from a judge and recovered items from the home that are currently being analyzed. So far, no one has been charged or arrested as the investigation continues. But for those who know the woman who lives in this house, the raid came as a shock.

However as local attorney Mike Woods put it, "Somebody from that address had issued a threat concerning explosives and making Evansville 'feel the pain' so I don't think anybody's going to expect the officers to walk in their with just bubble gum in their hands."

In closing I say F**K the website Topix.com. Just wait until you read something false about yourself or someone you know on it.

I truly hope EPD finds the responsible person and prosecutes them.

You can watch a video of the Police raid on Tristatehomepage.com.

BTW… Whitney Rae is hot! Thank you and good night!