Sometimes a Saturday night has a way of getting on top of a person and sending their mind into such a wicked and spastic frenzy that the outcome is sheer terror for everyone caught in the vicinity of this madness.

At least that appears to be the consensus of the Evansville Police Department who were forced to take a woman to jail over the weekend after she stripped down naked and began attacking a series of automobiles.

According to reports, officers were called out Saturday evening to the 1600 block of Shadewood Avenue because witnesses reported a naked women jumping on cars and punching them.

When police arrived on the scene, they found a severely hopped-up and naked 34-year-old Nikkita Renee Frye causing one hell of a scene on the streets. Frye reportedly admitted to police that she was high on cocaine and bath salts at the time of the incident.

Frye was taken to the Vanderburgh County jail where she was charged with public intoxication, resisting law enforcement and disorderly conduct.

The lesson here is obvious kids - don't mix cocaine and bath salts!