A few months ago, I experienced my first Evansville Icemen game at the Ford Center. I must say EVERYONE should experience a game. I had never been to a hockey game, EVER.

I don't even know how the game is played, actually. I had to ask my fiance every time something happened, why they were penalized and what not. BUT, not knowing anything about hockey it was the most exciting experience!

The crowd is very interactive with the game. People scream and yell & when the opposing time is introduced fans scream "SUCKS." Every time the Evansville Icemen make a goal, they chant like at a football game!

I have to say though, from what I have heard and read about hockey, people say that there are a lot of fights, I never saw one fight both times I attended a game! I was a little disappointed, but over all my experience both times at the games was pretty much amazing!!!!!

It was a very exciting experience since my first game I have been back for another one! If you get the chance to go to an Icemen game DO IT! You will not regret it!!!!! Even if you like me and don't know anything about hockey it is still very very cool to watch! Tickets are reasonable in price and there isn't a bad seat at the Ford Center when it comes to the Evansville Icemen!

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