Dave Grohl is a man of many talents. Drummer for Nirvana, the band that almost single handedly destroyed 80's era poser hair bands Warrant, Poison and others. These days Dave's main gig has been as front man for his band Foo Fighters. But Dave has also made of helluva Rock Doc called "Sound City", about a rundown Los Angeles analog recording studio that in it's hey day cranked out some of the biggest rock albums ever recorded, only to eventually be done in by the digital age a few years back.

Grohl pieces the studio history together with lots of excellent footage and interviews with not only the artists that made records at Sound City, Like Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Fear, Frank Black, Rick Springfield, Pat Benatar, Garbage, Elton John and so many others. But also featured is interviews with the people that assembled the studio and operated it on a day to day basis. The house engineers and producers like Keith Olsen, who eventually grew tired of the limitations of analog recording, only to open up a fully digital studio next door to "Sound City", which obviously hastened the old place's demise.

Dave Grohl put together this documentary with tons of passion and humor, as well as lending his musical talents to the soundtrack, which includes the song "From Can To Can't" featuring Dave, Corey Taylor and Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick as heard on 103GBF

I bought the DVD for $16.99 at Coconuts. Best money I've spent in a while. If you love music and the music-making process I think you'll enjoy "Sound City".

See the trailer below.