Big surprise – hard liquor will give you a worse hangover than beer.

According to a recent report from Discovery News, a hangover, also known as veisalgia, keeps a persons body from producing a chemical that helps the kidneys absorb water called vasopressin. This causes extreme dehydration and sets the body’s major organs into a wicked frenzy. "Alcohol also breaks up the stuff in your liver into glucose which floods you with sugar," says DNews' Anthony Carboni.

Unfortunately, there is nothing a person can do to prevent the ill effects of alcohol --it is just the nature of the beast. However, drinkers can stay away from certain beverages that have additional impurities in them called congeners. Congeners give booze its color and flavor, but also contribute to violent hangovers.

Therefore, the darker the booze the worse the hangover is destined to be. Drinks like Brandy, Red Wine, Bourbon, Dark Rum, and Whiskey will all attempt to leave an over indulger for dead.

Our advice is to just stick to beer… or water.