Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke held a press conference today to announce the launching of a new, FREE smart phone app for Evansville citizens, this on the heels of the launch of the all new city/county website.

The app, available here, will allow citizens to quickly and easily notify city officials with any concerns or issues. The motto for this new app is "See It, Send It". For example, if you drive over, or around a huge pothole every day, and it never gets fixed...take a picture of the pothole and send it in. The app will allow your phone's location to show where the picture was taken. Your submission will then be sent to the proper department and they can address it. If you give your email address, they can even correspond with you to let you know when the problem is resolved. Of course that's just one example. City Hall wants to know about any concerns you may have...overflowing trash cans on Main Street, burnt out street lights, an abandoned car they may be an eye sore...you get the idea right? And of course you can make any submissions anonymous if you like.

If you're searching for it, search for "City of Evansville" or "Citizen Concern". You can also submit a concern(s) through the website too.

I downloaded the app earlier today, but haven't had the chance to use it yet. Give it a shot though. This is your opportunity to be a better citizen and resident. The only way the city can start to fix some of our issues is if they know about 'em. So let 'em know. See it, send it.

Right on.