Especially if the topic is gun control. Recently "The Nuge" was a guest on the CNN program Piers Morgan Tonight. The conversation turned to gun control and Ted Nugent was off and running. I have to assume by now that you know The Nuge is one of the biggest and most outspoken proponents of the 2nd Amendment and our right to bear arms.

In the title of this post I say not to debate Ted Nugent because you'll lose. I'm not sure that he will actually win the debate...he may just talk so much and never give you a chance to respond that you'll get frustrated and give up. Ha! But he certainly does seem to have his stuff together when it comes to talking about this issue.

I generally tend to like Piers Morgan. From what little I've seen of his show, he does a good job interviewing people and seems to stay fair and somewhat down the middle.  You can see Piers Morgan Tonight (if you want) each weeknight at 8pm on CNN.