I have a good friend who is a waitress at one of the Hacienda locations in town. While she, like most wait staff make an hourly wage of $2.13 an hour, they rely on tips to make up the difference.  A tip for good service, in my mind, is somewhere between 15% and 20%.  If the service is bad, I would most likely leave some kind of small tip, but would also have a conversation with the manager about the poor service.

My friend from Hacienda had a table of teenage girls last night who were complete twits.  Instead of leaving monetary tips, they though it would be funny to leave hand written tips on their receipts. See the pictures below.

Not funny, when you're the waitress that makes $2.13 an hour.

Guess those teenyboppers never saw the movie "Waiting". Do you think they just dreamed up all that stuff in that movie. Nope, it's based on actual wait staff and kitchen help experiences with rude and unfairly cheap customers.

Remember...be good to those who serve you. Wait staff, bartenders, food delivery people.  They rely on you to enhance their income.