If you thought the Star Wars story was going to end with an ewok party, you underestimated the power of a very large check.

At the beginning of this year, Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment. That purchase helped the Mouseketteers obtain a large rights portfolio of superheros and villains. They paid $4 billion for that purchase.

Today the house that Mickey built purchased Lucasfilms for the same amount. That will bring such franchises as  Indiana Jones and Stars Wars under the Disney name. With Marvel the company said they weren't going to interfere with story lines or anything else dealing with the Marvel 'experience'.

However with the purchase of Lucasfilms today, Disney also announced that another Star Wars trilogy was on the way.

If you're a Star Wars purist (like me) this can only mean the worst. The prequels almost ruined the Star Wars story line. From Jar-Jar Binks to "pod racers", fans had a lot to cricticize. It also didn't help that Lucas went back and re-did the original trilogy. Such as adding windows to Cloud City to adding characters like Jabba the Hutt and Hayden Christensen to movies they were never in.

And after the whole Indiana Jones debacle (Crystal skulls? Surviving a nuclear bomb in a refrigerator?), some fans wondered if Star Wars needed to be saved from its creator. However, I fear that this may have not been the best answer.

But even if I'm proven wrong, and the new movies are great, the real loser is Warner Brothers studios. The studio almost passed on the original Star Wars movie, and thought so little of the project that they gave merchandising rights to George Lucas. That helped him rake in a ton of cash on action figures, books, cereal endorsements, holiday albums (because the Jedi's totally celebrate THAT holiday), etc.

Here's to hoping that Disney won't ruin my favorite film series (fingers crossed).