One of my favorite musicians is celebrating his 43rd birthday today! Ex Nirvana drummer, and rythym guitarist/frontman of Foo Fighters, it's no other than the one and only Dave Grohl.

After nearly 25 years in the business Dave Grohl still continues to bring the rock, and to this day rocks harder than a lot of guys that are half his age.  Also be sure to check out the Grammy Awards on Feb. 12th, where there's going to be a special performance by the Foo Fighters,  hopefully 2012 has big things in store for the band! So in honor of his birthday, here's five of my favorite songs that Dave has been a part of.

Happy Birthday Dave!

1. Everlong by Foo Fighters

Off their 1997 release 'The Colour And The Shape',  I'm not quite sure what the Sid Vicious hair do, and the giant bitch slap hand is about, but I'm not one to argue with a good thing, and this song is definitely a good thing.


2.  Queens of the Stone Age- No One Knows

Dave Grohl lent his drumming abilities for their 2002 breakout album 'Songs for The Deaf' which was the album that included this monster hit.

3. Nirvana-All Apologies

Dave Grohl's breakout band, Nirvana, came to a tragic ending in 1994, but when they were still around they definitely changed music in the short time they were here, especially in the grunge scene.  From their 1993 release 'In Utero' This performance is from MTV's Unplugged that they were apart of in November of '93.

4. Foo Fighters-Learn To Fly

Off their 1999 release 'There is Nothing Left To Lose.  Dave Grohl's humor is evident in a lot of his music videos, and definitely in this one.  He plays not only himself in this video, but also a fan girl, a flight attendant, a security guard, a pilot, and a fat lady who has trouble getting into her seat. You'll also recognize a couple other people too, like Jack Black, and Kyle Gass from Tenacious D.

5.  Foo Fighters-Best Of You

From their 2005 release 'In Your Honor' This video just goes to show that whether they're being funny, or just straight up rocking your face off, the Foo Fighters can do it all.

What are some of your favorite songs Dave's been a part of?  And even though they weren't in the list you can't forget about some of his other projects like Them Crooked Vultures, and Probot!