Too bad it's on Showtime...had to make a choice on my premium movie channels and Skinemax it is. I just can't quit you 'Co-Ed Confidential'.

For those of you that either are too young to remember or have killed off your brain cells trying to emulate his show, Dave Attell used to host a kick ass show called Insomniac on Comedy Central.  The premise was basic but great...Dave would film the tail end of one of his comedy shows in whatever metropolitan and then hit the town with camera crew in tow.  It was great in the beginning because nobody knew who he was but just like Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat), people quickly caught on due to it's rise in popularity and ruined the spontaneity.'s a show that a bunch of drunken frat boys can't ruin.  Dave and friends watching old pornography and commenting MST3K style.  It's called Dave's Old Porn and it airs really late at night, as you might imagine. He talked to Conan about it the other night.

It all gets fleshed out (get it?) in the video.