We are just a little over a month away from Hallmark's favorite holiday - Valentine's Day! Now is the time to be planning your date with your significant other! Whether it be a dinner date or something off the wall - I have some ideas for your date for this Valentine's day!I understand there is a lot of pressure for this one particular day, I'm here to help!

Here are some pretty cool ideas:

  • Dinner date with your love

You could take your significant other to a very romantic dinner somewhere, or you could cook a very memorable dinner for them. Set up a table in the living room/dining room, put candles and rose pedals all over the table. Make it super romantic. It means more when you cook the meal for them than going to a nice restaurant.


  • Wanna be creative? Here are some ideas-

Go to the mall and do some people watching. I find it very interesting to people watch! You can sit down on one of the benches and talk as you are people watching. If you have seen the movie,  Date Night, they go out to dinner and try to figure out who and why people are at the restaurant and what they are saying. Just thinking about it makes me giggle.

Make a scavenger hunt for your date. Video tape it on your cell so you can watch it afterwards.

Before you go out for dinner, go for a long walk (weather permitting).

After dinner, relax in the kitchen and make homemade ice cream.

Head to the Goodwill each of you have 5 bucks and have a contest to see who can get the best item and/or buy clothing for your date and they have to wear it for the remainder of the date.

  • Indoor Putt-putt and/or Laser tag

Make it a friendly competition with your date. You win you get to pick the next thing we do, I win and I pick.

  • Have a poker night

Dress up in your best and play poker with cookies, cheese-its, or even change.

  • Play pool and have a couple drinks

I recently went and played pool with my fiance. We had a blast, we didn't stay out very late just went and played 3 games of pool (best out of 3 wins) and a pitcher of beer. It cost us $6.50, which was just the pitcher of beer. A lot of places have free pool during the week. Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday, usually a lot of places have deals on "Thirsty Thursday."

  • Take a weekend trip

Plan a trip to somewhere like Kentucky lake or even a park somewhere they have cabins you can rent year round.

  • Staying in on Valentine's day? Rent a video game to play with your date.

Guitar Hero/Rock band are always fun. You could also do a little wagering on this, as well. Have snacks and a live show in your living room.

  • Movies

Instead of going to pay $19.00 for a movie ticket at the movie theater, go to Family Video and rent a few movies and get some popcorn. Make your living room a movie theater.

Just a few ideas to get ya started on planning that prefect date for Valentine's Day.


Comment below if you have any more ideas.