Congratulations to Dana Carpenter of Evansville.  She won the "A Perfect Circle in Los Angeles" Flyaway Contest sponsored by Moore Music.  Dana, pictured on the right, is taking her daughter to the show, which we think is very cool!

What's next? Starting Thursday, it's your chance to win a flyaway to any pro basketball game in the continental U.S. between April 1st and 15th.  Here's why we said it that way.  Y'see the league that LeBron, Kobe and the like play in...we can't use the name of that league due to copyrights.  And we say the continental U.S., cuz if you wanna see the Raptors play, you'll have to see them in the lower 48!

All of our great flyaway contests, and we have a bunch more coming, are sponsored by Moore Music on Morgan Avenue, with their Grand Re-Opening coming in April.