In this day and age it seems that any person with an internet connection can become an anonymous critic. Now it seems that some of them believe they hold the upper hand, and are trying to extort freebies from restaurants by threatening bad reviews on websites.

Having worked in the food industry, I know that nothing is worse than some snob thinking that minimum wage will make you give a damn if their food wasn't 'perfect'. So your manager gives them a discount in hopes that they'll waddle out of the store and you begin to understand why all those Bond villains hoped to destroy the world.

Now it seems that some people out there think a threat of a bad review will grant them freebies. The Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar, in Sacramento, CA received a call from an upset customer, who threatened to post a bad review on Yelp if he didn't get a $100 gift card.

Yes, you read that right. Anonymous internet posters think they have enough weight to ruin a restaurant with a bad review.

In the end, the owner of The Red Rabbit Kitchen declined the man his gift card. Like the old saying says "You can't please everyone".

I frequent Google Places and leave ratings. I don't think that my reviews are going to make or break a place, or that anyone from the restaurant will even care what I wrote. However when I'm in an unfamiliar place, I will check ratings and comments about a place. It never fails that even the best places have a few Debbie Downers who have their panties in a bunch because a waitress didn't bring them water at the speed of light, or something equally as stupid.

Some restaurants are asking customers to talk with management about issues, before they go to the internet. Usually most places are willing to work with their customers. But I'm going to have to side with the restaurants, if you're going to be a douche who starts demanding freebies go home.