I went to one really cool wedding back on the fourth of July - I wrote a blog about this shortly after it happened.

My friends Trey and Robin got hitched at The Sutton Tattoo Company, with one of the shop's piercers, Ben, who is an ordained minister presiding over the ceremonies. After the nuptials, the new bride and groom got their wedding rings in the form of tattoos.

Being a schemer and dreamer I saw the future opportunity for fun, money and to further the decline of western civilization.

So, Ben told me how to become an ordained minister online, which I did. Then I stated talking to Josh, the owner of Sutton Tattoo, about making this a package deal - kind of like a Vegas wedding with Elvis presiding.

I, an ordained minister, can marry you in the tattoo parlor, and the artists can then tattoo you and your new significant other's rings on!!!

I am working with Josh Sutton to make this happen. I think I've almost got him talked into it. Keep looking for more developments in the very near future.

"Father Sandman"..."Pastor Sandman"...IDK? WTF?