Well, I finally wanted to unveil the news to you. I'm getting married to my fiancee' Andrea on Saturday Feb 2nd at 2pm. We've decided that since we've both been married, and also living together for awhile we would have a very non-traditional wedding. So we are getting hitched at The Sutton Tattoo Company at 4110 W Broadway.

The location and the attire fit our lifestyle - Tattoos and casual dress - that's how we roll.   Plus we will get our rings tattooed on, which I think will be really cool.

Presiding over the ceremony will be ordained minister Don Swain, and standing up with me during the ceremony will be my daughter Kelsey.  More non-traditional stuff, but that's how we like it.  It'll be really something to remember.

It's gonna be a good year for me I believe. Besides getting married, found out today that Kelsey is having a girl. My grand baby is due in June. Exciting!

The point of putting all this on the web, is that you are invited to my wedding. Don't bring a gift, don't dress up, just come as you are and know that you're welcome. I'll try to get Josh Sutton to do some type of special that day as well.

Your invitation is my way of saying thank you for all you've done for me over my years playing rock on the radio. Thank you for being part of my daily life! Hope to see you 2/2/13 @ 2pm.