While some folks study and/or collect insects for a living, I find that to be not my cup of tea. Even moreso do I dislike the type of bugs that will sting you. Take wasps for instance - the only wasps I like are White Angle Saxon Protestants and the hard rock band fronted by Blackie Lawless. So, it made me queasy when I ran across this story on the internet about a gigantic 21-foot 9-inch wasp nest was discovered in the hallway of an abandoned home. This is the Canary Islands that we're talking about, where Lord knows what kind of critters reside. Seems the nest was discovered after neighbors living near an abandoned house noticed a large number of wasps in the area. Police were called and what they found can be seen in the Yahoo News video below. Try and sit through the moronic narrator to check out the ghastly discovery.

Just think, in America, abandoned houses usually attract crackheads, not flying, stinging insects. Really now, which is worse?