I believe I'm still in shock from watching this video! Gay marriage is a huge controversy especially with the presidential elections this year. I'm not one to be political at all. I vote, but I don't get really invested into the political games they usually have around September. I feel that most politicans are liars anyway.

This Nebraska woman is completely insane! She spoke at the Nebraska Family Council, "in protest of a proposed anti-discrimination law that would favor those abomindable gays." She is completely against and dislikes gay individuals and takes it as far as Jesus and Judas to Hilary Clinton.   

Check out the guy in the background....his facial expressions is about what my face looked like when I was watching this video.

Just some quotes I caught...

"A college woman is seduced with illegal rohypnol to go gay."

"AIDS is a candida fungus disease."

"Jesus was kissed by Judas, a homo."

"He depressed his immune system with pot, he ruptured intestines as his partner became a corpse."

Then she starts talking about Whitney Houston's corpse???? WHHHHATTTTTT?

Give you a second to stop laughing....What is your favorite quote from CRAZY JANE???