I don't know about you, but the start of Spring has been kicking my a$$! I'm starting on my second round of antibiotics after being diagnosed with bronchitis by Dr.Feelgood on April 8. Two inhalers and a bottle of antibiotics later, it's still hanging on. Just called the Doc to get the pills refilled in hopes of knocking this crap outta my chest.

While I feel a quantum leap better than I did a week ago, I'm still only about 75%, which keeps me from doing my daily workout - running.

I suffer from seasonal allergies too, and I'm sure that's what helped the bronchitis get a nice foothold on my lungs.

So...here's the story for we who are suffering.

Tree Pollen is moderate to high right now. Mold is low and grass and weeds are nil at this point. I never factored in what accuweather did, which is indoor dust and dander. That is at an an 'extreme' level today according to the maps below.

So you're not safe inside or out unless you have a super clean house and no pets.

Over the counter allergy meds work to an extent for me. When those don't cut it, that's when I call my Doctor.

Remember, if you have a heavy cough and fever and your expelling colorful stuff when yo hack it up...those are not allergies, it's most likely a cold or more (like bronchitis). Again see your doctor.

It's been nice suffering with you.