For those of us like myself, die-hard Cubs fans, the day has come when we hang our head lower than ever before.  The Cubs have unveiled the first mascot in the team's history, an especially unceremonious event considering the Ricketts family, the folks who own the team is warring with the entire Wrigleyville neighborhood and rooftop owners about the expansion and renovation of the ballpark, not to mention the Cubs are coming off two 90+ loss seasons and watching and waiting for the TV deal with WGN to expire at the end of 2014 so they can rake in more cash on television rights than ever before.  Most of us feel like they should be working diligently to field a competitive team, not waste time on focus groups and design artists to come up with "Clark The Cub".  Fortunately he will not be dancing on the dugouts at the 'Friendly Confines" but will be relegated to greeting fans and walking around the park entertaining youngsters.

If I may, I'd like to now put in my order for a left handed starter and a powerhouse third basemen please?  Thank you!   And by the way, they named Clark after one of the streets that border the ballpark, but why not just name him Wrigley?  I have at least 4 Cub fan friends that have pets named Wrigley.  I'll bet the Ricketts family didn't want to pay rights to use the name "Wrigley" is my guess.  Check out "Clark The Cub" on Facebook, here.