As I've said many time this past week, I am a Fall Festival failure. I never try new things. So this year I decided to change that.


I started out the week with some of my Fall Fest favorites (Grilled Chizza, Booth #121. Stromboli, Booth #63 OR #73, you can't go wrong at either booth. And of course Chicken and Dumplings from Booth #18.) But here are some of the things I've tried this week that I've never had before:


1. Pulled Pork Parfait.
Outboard Boating Club. Booth #114.

Mashed potatoes. Corn. Pulled pork. Shredded cheese. BBQ sauce. Baked Beans. All in one cup. YUM.

Chynna Hall


2. Cajun Catfish Sandwich.
It Takes a Village. Booth #108.

This isn't just some delicious battered catfish with some fancy cajun sauce. The catfish is actually battered in cajun goodness and THEN topped off with some cajun sauce (optional).

If you want a better look at how the delicious food is made in Booth #108 check out Kat's video here!

(You might want to blow on your sandwich before you eat it. They make 'em HOT!)

Chynna Hall



3. Deep Fried Cheesecake Bites.
Young Life Evansville. Booth #77.

I didn't get a good picture of these babies because they were kind of being thrown at me. But I did get a picture of the aftermath.

I got to try these things on Tuesday during the Deep Fried Cheesecake Toss with Eyewitness News and, from what I caught in my mouth, I liked 'em! Get them with caramel sauce if you can. But I recommend eating them regularly and not having a friend chuck them at your face from a distance like I did....It got messy.

Chynna Hall


4. Donut Bank Burger.
Grace & Peace Lutheran Church. Booth #41.

HOW. HOW have I gone this long without this burger in my life????? I think I found my new favorite Fall Festival food.

And to quote the lady who sold the burger to me "Don't put anything on it. You'll just ruin it." No mustard, no ketchup, and no fancy things are needed on this burger.

Just a beef patty + cheese + donut as a bun = perfection.

Chynna Hall


5. HORSIES!!!!!!

I know, I know, they aren't a Fall Festival food (at least, I hope not...) But this was a first for me. I know they've been at the Fall Festival before, but I've never seen them. I always seem to just miss them. But this year I found 'em!

Chynna Hall


6. Orange Cream Float.
Salem Church of Darmstadt. Booth #33.

Now, I usually stop by this booth every year for their brownie sundae. And that's what I planned on getting when I walked up the booth. But then I saw a sign for an "Orange Cream Float". Who can say no to that?

It's like a Dreamsicle in a cup!

Chynna Hall



And that's what I've tried so far. I still have a few days left to cross a few more things off of my list (pronto pup, monster ear, elephant tears, one of those bug candies...) but I think I'm making great progress.

At least my scale at home says so.