I’ve always been a fan of Soundgarden. How can you grow up in the 90’s and not be, right? And now I find I have even more respect and admiration for Chris Cornell. The guy has almost 30 years in the music industry and he’s still going strong!

I have always enjoyed seeing (hearing) artists that branch out into different styles and sounds. For example, I dig Slipknot…and I also think it’s awesome that Corey Taylor has the desire/creativity to also make a different style of music with Stone Sour. The same is definitely true with Chris Cornell. Soundgarden has a distinctive, unique sound - thanks in big part to Cornell’s unique voice…but having said that, Cornell’s other band, Audioslave, has a totally different sound with that same voice. And Cornell intentionally goes in a different direction with his solo music.

Cornell is currently promoting his new solo album Higher Truth, which features one of my favorite new songs right now…Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart.

I found this video from LiveNation the other day, and if you have 13 extra minutes, you should watch it. In this mini-documentary, Chris really opens up about the creative process for his new album. And we also get a glimpse at his one-man acoustic tour. He shows off that he's more than just a great screamer. It’s a friggin’ sweet video. Watch it!