Everyone has a place they go when they are too stressed, overworked, and just plain tired of life right? My place is in the middle of no where with a shotgun!  :)This weekend I visited my stress free spot! I have been completely stressed out with wedding planning, not being able to enjoy my time off. Growing up just sucks sometimes!

Backroads of Kentucky

I came home from my other job on Saturday, went straight for the cooler and my case of beer started packing it up. My fiancee looked at me like I had gone completely CRAZY. I told him to just take me NOWHERE! After he realized I wasn't kidding he got up grabbed the shotgun and said ok let's go! We filled up the gas tank and hit the road.

Before, I would always hit the back roads of Vanderburgh county and make my way up to Gibson, but with the river up so that was a no go. He took me down to the coal mines in Kentucky, we hit gravel and I could feel the stress start to slowly creep away! It is an amazing feeling! We got to our destination but I couldn't tell you where we were because I honesty don't know. That is a good game of straight - right - left. We shot the gun a little bit hung out listened to the silence of nature and just took it all in! I feel much much better after my little road trip!

Every once and while you just have to step away and free your mind and that is exactly what I did! It was soooooo relaxing!

What do you do when you are just completely stressed out and need a break? Comment below :)