Recently, I have been getting into games on my phone! It is completely crazy how far technology has come! I seemed to be amazed everyday when I pick up my phone! I remember when I used to have the HUGE HP with the monitor that took up an entire table and the modem had to be put on the floor because the table was already filled with the screen! Now, we have touch screen tablets. I'm still amazed can't ya tell?


Derek, my fiancee, is a huge gamer and he has to be best at everything he does. If someone beats him, he will play the game until he wins! It's absolutely crazy to me! Once he beats me, I usually just stop playing that game and move on to another game. Yes, I know I'm not a true gamer, I have been told. I just like to do kill stuff it takes the stress away! Can be very relaxing and intense all at the same time!


Dungeon Hunter 3 is a free download in the play store on android phones (I'm not sure if it is on the iPhone, I only have a droid) it is a multiplayer game that I play with Derek usually every single night! The graphics on this game for your phone are outstanding! Seems like a real video game, again with my amazement of technology.  There are many different levels and you have to complete each task before you move on to the next level. You level up after every level! You can buy different weapons and gear, by the gold you get in the levels. Several different characters you can choose from Warlord, Shaman,  Trickster, and Astromancer. I currently have 2 characters, I am playing the Warlord and the Shaman! They have special skills to kill your opponent. I am currently on level 21 and in the levels things start to gradually get harder (like every other game you play) this makes the game different every time you level up and move on to the next level! Makes it interesting and not boring!

Although, it does take some battery to run, it is a very well put together game for your phone. I'm very impressed with the graphics and how the game is laid out, even better Derek and I are on the same team so I don't have to worry about him beating me EVERY SINGLE TIME! This game is my app of the week!

Do you have a favorite game you are playing on your phone? Comment below I like to try new things :)