The cult movie classic Office Space provides the inspiration for this supercut of movie scenes. It's all about the "Oh Face", the look on your face when you're about to reach that happy place.

It's yet another reason to love the internet, and yet another thing that makes me think "who sits around and thinks about doing this" and "who has time to sit around and do something like this?" The fact is I really don't care...I'm just glad there are things like this to amuse me and to help me kill some time. In this case, blogging about this video is actually part of my job. How dope is that?

And now to see if you're actually reading this and not just skipping down to the video. I wanna see if you can guess my favorite clip from this supercut. If you know anything about me I would think the answer is obvious. Watch the video and then leave a guess in the comments below. The first correct answer I see will actually win a $20 gift certificate from Big M's Pizzeria and a CD from our prize closet.