I have always thought that the true test of a band, singer, performer, whatever is how well he/she does live. Anyone can go in a studio and have a producer make you sound good. But can they do it when it counts? SHINEDOWN answers that question with a big fat EFF YEAH!

Shinedown has always been one of my favorite bands. From the first time I met them about 10 years ago when they came to play Marina Pointe, to the time I met them again last year when they played the Victory Theatre, they have always been so cool, gracious, accommodating, and grateful to 103GBF for supporting them over the years. I also appreciate how much this band tours. My goodness they have been on the road a TON over the last decade...and Brent and the boys bring it every time. Matter of fact, they are on the road right now with Three Days Grace.

I'll say this, try to sing along with Brent on just one song...how about "Save Me"...and see how your throat feels. Now think about singing like that for about 90 minutes every other night for 2 months straight. When you think about it that way, you can't deny how amazing it is what these guys do.

Recently (like today), Shinedown stopped by The Live Room on The Warner Sound YouTube channel, and the result is this nearly flawless live version of their new song "I'll Follow You."

Hopefully they'll put out a few more videos from this session. If they do, I'll throw them up for sure.

And if you wanna see more great live performances from The Live Room, check out my post featuring a few live gems from HALESTORM.