I hope you're prepared to get overwhelmed by the cuteness of these kids...cause it's coming! A simple but great concept...feed a few kids some nasty food and film it in slow-motion. How can you go wrong? You can't.

We've seen over the years, with the improvement of camera technology, that just about anything can look pretty cool if it's in slow motion. Here's a previous example I blogged about. It's amazing how some of these super high speed cameras can slow things down so much and show us so much detail.

Here we see a group of youngsters eating a variety of foods that would make most grown-ups (OK, at least me) wanna punch someone in the face. Ya' see, I am just about as finicky as most 6-year old's. Fortunately, I am not as trusting and gullible as these kiddos. You couldn't get me to eat a pickled onion or some Vegemite.

So I want you to watch the video, and then I want you to answer my questions afterward...please.

Now I have 3 questions...please be honest with your answers.

  1. Did your mouth start to water at any point during the video?
  2. Did you find yourself (unknowingly) mimicking some of the kid's facial expressions? I did.
  3. Who in the world spells "yogurt" with a damn "h"?