Change isn't always a bad thing. Starting on Monday, we got some changes coming to the GBF Rocktagon!

With the conclusion of tonight's Rocktagon, Monday's battle will be posted right on the website. You can vote for your favorite song all weekend long. The winner will be announced Monday night, and that song will be played along with the NEW Rocktagon contender. Immediately after that voting will start between the winner and the new contender.

And every night after that the winner will be played along with the new Rocktagon contender and voting will start immediately after.

Does that makes sense? Then you can explain it to me.

What it means for you is a preview of the new contender's song, on air during Nocturnal Emissions. And you now have a 24 hour window to cast your vote (with the exception of a Friday night battle, in which you have the whole weekend)! And you don't have to remember to come back to this site at midnight, voting starts immediately!

So start casting your votes tonight! And spread the word about the Rocktagon on Twitter with the hashtag, #GBFRocktagon.

Keep Rocking!


-T Rav