Weird News

Strange Sounds From The Sky – “The Underbelly Of Evansville”
On January 9, 2013, . Many Evansville residents head some booming sounds at around 9:30pm  in the area near Green River and Lynch. At the same time, people all around the country also heard this explosion exactly at the same time.  It has been long thought that these weird, unexplained sou…
Deep Web and Dark Net: “The Underbelly of Society”
Almost all of us use the computer for information, entertainment and to search for specific things we're looking for, for one reason or another.   But beyond what's called the Surface Web, which you and I know, there are two underbelly's lying underneath the surface web...
Things You Must Know Before Playing Pokemon Go!
The newest craze taking over smartphones is the Pokemon Go! This app allows users to capture Pokemon using the real environment around them, but it has cause several issues already. Here are some things you NEED to know while playing Pokemon Go!
Creepy Ohio River Creatures – “The Underbelly Of Evansville”
It seems like every state in the union has legends about a strange creature that inhabits the forest of the waters in the area.   From Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, to the Ohio Grassman, to the Jersey Devil and more, residents in those areas swear that they have seen unusual creatures that …

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