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Looking For A Great Halloween Trick? Here’s Some
Back in my formative years, I spent a Halloween night or two tee-peeing someone trees, or there was the good 'ol flaming paper sack of dog poo.  Some however take it to the extreme.  In the videos below you may see some pretty crazy s**t.  Do not try this st home, or anywhere...
Who Has Had Enough Of The Creepy Clown Sightings?
I for one have had enough. It's like Pokemon go, it was hot for a bit, now time to let go and move onto the next fad. Remember Candy Crush?  Although I will say, some of these clowns truly are creepy.  Check out the videos below.  In the first video, cops nab one of the clowns...
Supreme Pervert Pleasured Himself Into Women’s Orange Juice
Breakfast will never be the same.
Willis Gene Burdette, 72, may sound like an assassin, but he's something much worse more vile. Burdette, is in a heaping pot of trouble for, well, why don't we just let The Smoking Gun explain it?
A grand jury this week voted to indict an elderly Ohio man on charges t…

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