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10 Best Fighting Games
Fighting games are the perfect way to settle an argument, but there is etiquette to observe.
First, you gotta let your opponent know you mean business and a slapping a silk glove across his face just doesn’t cut it. Smashing him in the face with a controller is more the style. Then once a controller …
Happy Wheels NSFW [game/video]
I love the game Happy Wheels. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. Morally, the game is horrible. You have to run over people (sometimes multiple times) to get to the end. And even if you do get to the end, you might not make it there with all of your limbs...or even alive. But I can't stop pla…
Cubs Win the World Series in the ‘MLB 12 The Show’ Commercial
It might be a little below the belt for the two resident Cubs fans on staff but it is a good advertisement nonetheless.  MLB 12 The Show came out for the PS3 as of yesterday (March 6th).
And yes...even the Cubs can win the Series in this realm of reality.  Much like my Cincinnati Bengals ca…
Anime Style Table Tennis Match With Awesome FX
I'm a big ping pong fan this video had my attention right from the get-go. What starts out as an innocent game of table tennis between two friends quickly escalates into an epic back and forth battle for dominance.
‘Breaking Bad’ As An Old School Nintendo Game
Breaking Bad is an immensely popular show on AMC.  Full disclosure, I've actually never seen it.  I have heard it's "must see" and stuff so I will have to get caught up eventually.  They are into their fourth season and this hypothetical game, that I would …
Skyrim Gets the ‘Macho Man’ Treatment
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an enormously popular game. I don't get it but I'm old. I do get the humor in having one of the dragons in this game made into the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
You Can Win a $2,000 Gaming Laptop From Desktop Doctors
And it really couldn't be simpler. All we're asking you to do is visit the Desktop Doctors website and answer a few questions about the site. Do that correctly and you'll be qualified to win. Sandman will announce the winner during our live broadcast at Desktop Doctor this Friday from…
Final Two Cage Stops Tonight At Fast Eddy’s
103GBF and Bud Light are hosting the final 2 Cage Stops...and your final 2 chances to try and qualify to win that trip to New Orleans for the UFC's "Battle On The Bayou" in September. And don't forget to sign up for that Xbox 306 from Ebash Video Game Center...

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