Shows To Look Forward To In 2016
Sure all your Fall shows are coming back in the Spring to pick back up again. But did you know that there are new shows JUST STARTING in Spring 2016? I've got the list of new shows AND when your Fall favorites will be returning in 2016.
Larry David Plays Bernie Sanders and SLAYS IT!
This past weekend, Tracy Morgan returned to Saturday Night Live as host and some pop star (that has an annoying song I really don't like) was musical guest. But it was the show's cold opening that got my attention.
This past week was the Democratic presidential debate, which stared Hilary Clinton, …
Where’s Black Widow?
I recently started following a user on Twitter called @whereisnatasha. It's a twitter page dedicated to finding Black Widow merchandise. When I first saw this I thought "Well, that's not so hard. Avengers stuff is everywhere now." But I recently went on a "Black …
So, Who is “Jan” In The Toyota TV Ads?
So, you've seen the Toyota TV commercials featuring "Jan" the receptionist.  Personally, I think she's hot.  Who is she though?  Well, her name is Laurel Coppock. She's not only "Jan", Laurel is an actress who has been in recent comed…

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