Check Out ‘Red Band Society’ Tonight on FOX44 [Review]
Thanks to my buddy Eric at FOX44, I get the chance to see a number of shows each year before they actually air. For a TV junkie like me, that's one of the coolest 'perks' of my job. Today I got to see the first episode of the new FOX drama Red Band Society.
Our UFC 174 Predictions Were NOT Good
Ryan and I have been trying a bit of an experiment with our last few UFC prediction videos. The result each time is that we suck at making predictions. See how we did over the weekend.
How Did We Do With Our UFC Fight Night Predictions?
In a word, actually two words, not well. It should come as no surprise that Ryan and I did a crappy job picking winners for the UFC Fight Night event over the weekend.
We tried a new method for our picks this time around. Instead of actually trying to come up with an educated decision based on record…

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