Kentucky Reconsidering Election Day Booze Ban
Kentuckians may soon be allowed to get stinking-drunk before hitting the polls, as state lawmakers are entertaining the idea of abolishing the Prohibition-era booze ban that currently prevents everyone from the social drinker to the raging alcoholic from purchising a stiff drink on Election Day...
Will Indiana Illinois and Kentucky Secede from the Union
There's still a lot of discontent in the nation and in the post-election days, the ill will is materializing as requests to secede from the union. Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky have all started petitions requesting the right to secede.
News reports make these requests sound like they are some k…
Get Updated Local Indiana Election Coverage Here
Keep listening this evening for continued coverage of the 2012 General Election. We will have Jay Zimmer and Gene Stewart providing two updates each hour. If you miss any of those updates, you can get all of the audio right here.
All of our coverage tonight is sponsored by Schultheis Insurance...
Romney Takes Indiana and Kentucky in Early Poll Returns
As votes are finalized, the first five states have been called for the 2012 Presidential election. According to NBC, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia and South Carolina have all been called for Republican Mitt Romney. Vermont is the only state reporting that has been called for President Obama...
Obama and Romney Go Old School Fighting Game [Video]
Wouldn't it be great if more elections could be decided this way? At this point, I am so jaded and cynical that I don’t think I can believe a thing either guy says. And I honestly don’t think I (we) will be that better or worse four years from now, regardless of who wins.
Why You Should Vote
Tomorrow is the day we've been waiting for. No longer will our television viewing be interrupted with old people telling us they're scared some dude is going to leave them naked, hungry, and cold if he is elected.
New York Court Rules That Lap Dances Are Not Art
Despite what you and I may think, lap dances are not a form of art according to the New York State Supreme Court.
Nite Moves, a strip club in the state capital of Albany, filed a lawsuit that said it was not required to pay taxes on money it earned from entrance fees and private dances...

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