Local Band Flashback – Amulet
Back in the summer of 1980 Evansville had a thriving local band scene. One day I was working at KC-103 (which is now 103GBF) and my boss, the late Dave Lyons brought the Amulet album in and asked me to spend some time listening to it.  I did and I likes what I heard...
Sandman Reviews Judas Priest “Battle Cry”
First of all, I've had the opportunity to interview Rob Halford twice and Glenn Tipton once. Metal guys are nice guys. These two sure were.  After my interview with the two about their new Live CD/DVD that came out on March 25th. Let me say, audio and video in this production in state-of-t…
Nothing More Plays With Italian YouTube Fan [Watch]
I have really grown to dig Nothing More in the last year or so. I dig their music, and I've been impressed with the live performances I've seen. This new video only reinforces how I feel. It's more than just an acoustic-style version of their latest song.

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