Rush Turns 40! New CD/DVD Collection Out Now!
I have always liked Rush, and I'm not referring to the fat, right wing radio host.  I'm talking about arguably the all time best trio in rock.  I bet John Rutsey is kicking himself all these years later, as he left the band after their debut album only to be replaced by Neil Pear…
PG 2.0 – The Return of Red
I managed to get Red out of the house and to my favorite spot, PG, again. The first and only other time she went, some crazy chick drug her over over a speaker and nearly put her on the DL with a torn ACL.
Chris Cornell Keeps Getting Better With Age [Watch]
I’ve always been a fan of Soundgarden. How can you grow up in the 90’s and not be, right? And now I find I have even more respect and admiration for Chris Cornell. The guy has almost 30 years in the music industry and he’s still going strong!
Local Hot Spots That Have Gone Cold
This blog is about nightclubs that are not longer in existence, and I use the term nightclub loosely.  To me, the difference between a bar or a tavern and a nightclub, is that a nightclub has entertainment.  A Band, A DJ, Karaoke, etc.  It would be unfair however to call some of the p…

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