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Local Band Flashback – Amulet
Back in the summer of 1980 Evansville had a thriving local band scene. One day I was working at KC-103 (which is now 103GBF) and my boss, the late Dave Lyons brought the Amulet album in and asked me to spend some time listening to it.  I did and I likes what I heard...
Nothing More Plays With Italian YouTube Fan [Watch]
I have really grown to dig Nothing More in the last year or so. I dig their music, and I've been impressed with the live performances I've seen. This new video only reinforces how I feel. It's more than just an acoustic-style version of their latest song.
Six Of The Hottest Women In Rock…According To Sandman!
I love to make a list now and then for you.  This one I do with extreme pleasure as I love women an even moreso I live women that rock.  I could have expanded the list, but let's do the top 6 and maybe I'll throw in a bonus or two.
Lzzt Hale - Halestorm
Looks Good, Sings Good and E…
Chynna’s Christmas Playlist
Everyone has those songs that they HAVE to play at Christmas because if they don't...well, it's just not Christmas, is it? These are some of my "It's Not Christmas Until I Hear This At Least Once" songs.
Rush Turns 40! New CD/DVD Collection Out Now!
I have always liked Rush, and I'm not referring to the fat, right wing radio host.  I'm talking about arguably the all time best trio in rock.  I bet John Rutsey is kicking himself all these years later, as he left the band after their debut album only to be replaced by Neil Pear…
Chris Cornell Keeps Getting Better With Age [Watch]
I’ve always been a fan of Soundgarden. How can you grow up in the 90’s and not be, right? And now I find I have even more respect and admiration for Chris Cornell. The guy has almost 30 years in the music industry and he’s still going strong!
Drum Cams Are Cool! Watch!
To me, most often the entertaining guy to watch in the band is the drummer.  These days lots of drummers have 'drum' cams', set up to capture the frenzied action.  Here are 5 hella good drummer pounding their kits.

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