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Drum Cams Are Cool! Watch!
To me, most often the entertaining guy to watch in the band is the drummer.  These days lots of drummers have 'drum' cams', set up to capture the frenzied action.  Here are 5 hella good drummer pounding their kits.
5 Bass Players Who Were Also Singers!
I enjoy making these lists for you - mainly because I get to use my degree from the college of rock n roll knowledge to dig deep into what brain cells I have left and come up some fun little lists. This one features bass players who also sang lead vocals.
New Video From Nothing More: “This Is The Time”
We here at 103GBF love to turn you onto new rock...especially from bands that are just breaking onto the scene.  One such band that is part of the 103GBF playlist is Nothing More.  They are upstarts from Texas, where everything's big...even the rock...
My “Loudwire Reloaded” Interview With dUg Pinnick
That's not a typo in the headline by the way.  That's how dUg Pinnick spells his name.  And just exactly who is he?  Well, most musician's I know are very well acquainted with dUg from being the frontman and bassist for the band King's X...
Adelitas Way Album Preview – “Dog On a Leash”
Adelitas Way are no strangers to the Evansville.  Having played here several times over the years, they have a strong fanbase in the tri-state.   Rick DeJesus and his boys are about to release a new album in a month or so entitled “Dog On a Leash”...

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