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Full Metal Jackie at 10pm Saturday night on 103GBF!
This week on Full Metal Jackie, Randy Blythe, frontman of Lamb of God, co-hosts the show! We will premiere new music from the upcoming Lamb of God album, and play other tunes that Randy will choose. Full Metal Jackie comes your way Saturday night at 10 here on 103GBF...
New Van Halen “Tattoo”
The Van Halen's...Alex, Eddie and his song Wolfgang have aligned with David Lee Roth for an upcoming album and tour.  Check out the first video from the forthcoming Van Halen Release.  This song is called "Tattoo".  Comments are invited.
They Break Our Heart, And We Still Love ‘Em!
From that headline, you'd think I was talking about children.  Actually, I'm referring to bands and musicians who make insanely stoopid career moves; but despite that we still love them and welcome them back from the abyss they wandered into...

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