Top Grossing Films That Were Shot In Indiana (At Least In Part)
It's obvious that Indiana isn't anything like Hollywood when it comes to movie making. Although fewer and fewer movies are being filmed in Hollywood (California in General) and New York, which has always been a hotbed of movie making.  Like gangs, you have the West Coast Coppola vs th…
Deadpool Gag Reel Released (NSFW Video)
A few weeks ago Ryan Reynolds announced via twitter that Deadpool was "coming early". The Deadpool DVD is still set to be released in stores on May 10th, but the digital release was available online on April 26th. And with it came SOME of the epic special features that we've been waiting f…
Fake Kylo Ren Outtakes Are So Funny You Wish They Were Real (video)
Yesterday was Star Wars Day! (May the 4th Be With You) Which means that today is Revenge of the Fifth (It's like Cinco de Mayo, but for nerds). In honor of these nerd holidays, YouTuber Auralnauts made a fake Kylo Ren outtake reel from The Force Awakens...and it does not disappoint.
5 Great Movies That Take Place in Indiana
There have been a lot of movies made that are "set" in Indiana...some better than others. Some of the movies listed were actually shot in Indiana...and one of the films takes place in a fictional Indiana city.

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