5 Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen, But Need To
I am a movie goer that is not much into the big blockbuster Movie that is largely CGI.  I much mote interested in indie films, and movies that were so good, they didn't draw at the Box Office because of lack of promotion.  Trust me, these films are worthwhile...
Movie Night On West Franklin Street Tomorrow Night
Bring your blankets or lawn chair, and find a spot on the grass of the West Branch Library for Movie Night on Franklin ~ The Big Lebowski (NO KIDS NIGHT).  Yeah, you don't want the kids to know "The Dude" that well at such a young age.  This adult night out starts at…
Star Wars: Rogue One Full Trailer Released (video)
Finally! A full length trailer! I've been seeing that teaser trailer in theaters for so long I feared it was the only one we were going to get! Fear no longer, fellow nerds! The official full length trailer is here!

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