Oct 2015- Jan 2016 DVD Release Dates
With things flying off the shelves after Black Friday, it's hard to know what DVD's are available. Here's a list to help you know what's out and what's not out yet.
Check Out New “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Footage
It was only three years ago when I wrote a blog about Disney acquiring Lucasfilm, and the rights to Star Wars.
Now were are a little more than a month away from the release of Episode 7, "The Force Awakens". Its on track to break box office records after smashing pre-sale records...
Slow Your Roll, Santa! (with gifs)
What is the deal with Christmas??
Okay, I feel like that came off more Jerry Seinfield than I intended it to...But the question stands! Why do we all rush into the Christmas season immediately after Halloween? There are other holidays inbetween too!!!!
Sandman’s Top 5 List Of Halloween Movies For Adults
I do this every October. Share with you my favorite Halloween movies.  This time around it's for adults only.  The content of these movies is everything you'd want a good Horror film to be; psychologically twisted, scary/chill factor. gore when the story line calls for it and at …
Where’s Black Widow?
I recently started following a user on Twitter called @whereisnatasha. It's a twitter page dedicated to finding Black Widow merchandise. When I first saw this I thought "Well, that's not so hard. Avengers stuff is everywhere now." But I recently went on a "Black …

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