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Peyton Manning Speaks About His Future and More
It's Super Bowl week and the running joke is that there will finally be a Manning playing at Lucas Oil this year.  Of course, Peyton's brother Eli of the NFC Champion New York Giants would be that Manning.  With his lingering health issues and the recent back and forth with Colts owner Jim Irsay, i…
Indianapolis Colts Fire Head Coach Jim Caldwell
One of the many questions surrounding the Colts this off-season was whether or not Jim Caldwell would keep his job. Well the Colts answered that question today when they fired Caldwell. The Colts had a record of 28-24 during Caldwell's 3 seasons as head coach.
Colts Future Is Now! Polian Out! Caldwell Next?
Jim Irsay might not be blowing up the Indianapolis Colts. But extreme makeover is in session.
It’s radical and necessary.
Irsay has seen the future of the Colts and he’s not sure if it includes Peyton Manning or Jim Caldwell. He knows it doesn’t include Bill or Chris Polian...
Colts Out of Luck?
See what I did there with that there headline? Genius.
Your Indianapolis Colts will play for the final time today at Jacksonville and a win could end up being a big loss.  If the Colts were to beat the Jaguars (entirely possible) and the Rams were to lose, the winners of the Andrew Luck sweepsta…
Colts Game on Tonight!
The schedule makers back in April had the best intentions. I'm sure the conversation consisted of talking about the perennial powers (Colts) taking on the up and coming Houston Texans in a late season winner take all. The thought was that this game could indeed decide the AFC South!
Well...a f…
Can The Colts Shed Their “0-fer” Record Sunday?
Sunday, the Colts take on the Tennessee Titans in another effort to get a win in this dismal season of no Peyton Manning and a defense that can't keep Indy in the ballgame, even if the Colts offense is putting up some points. Dan Orlovsky is also trying to shed hi winless record as an NFL start…
Orlovsky Gives The Colts a Chance to Suck LESS!
Well, now that the Kerry Collins and Curtis Painter experiments are over, let's see what Dan Orlovsky can do.
Orlovsky started at quarterback for Indianapolis last week at New England and completed 30-of-37 passes for 353 yards with two touchdowns.
Colts vs Jags Sunday on 103GBF! Pre-Game @ 11am!
It's been a tough year to be a Colts fan so far. I should be used to it as I'm also a Cubs fan. Disappointment is nothing new to me. As bad as I feel being a Colts fan, I'm sure it's nowhere as bad as it feels to be a Colts player. Here are ofiicial Colts Notes straight from the …
Colts #18…How’s he doing?
Peyton Manning is two months into rehabilitation from his September neck procedure, the second one this year.
Manning is feeling fine and meeting checkpoints along the way in his recovery, and he is hopeful to return as soon as he is able to do so...
Will The Colts Continue To “Suck For Luck”?
My guess is yes, the Colts will continue to play poorly enough to compete for that first round draft pick and a shot at getting Stanford QB Andrew Luck.  Although, the QB spot is certainly not what aided in The Saints blowing the Colts out 62-7 this past Sunday night.

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