Indianapolis Colts

Colts Owner Announces Andrew Luck Shoulder Surgery on Twitter
Despite missing the playoffs for the second straight season (the first time that's happened since the 1997-98 seasons), Andrew Luck arguably had one of his best seasons as a pro, throwing for 31 touchdowns, while posting the highest completion percentage and second highest QB rating of his now five …
Peyton Manning Emotionally Denies Drug Use In ESPN Interview
Peyton Manning was accused of using HGH in an Al Jazeera investigative documentary this past weekend. But, some people in the documentary are now denying what they said in the documentary and it's turned into a big "he said, she said". So I did my own "investigative j…
Week 10 Football Re-Hash
So, LOTS of things happened last weekend and this week in the NFL. Good thing I'm here to sort it all out and tell you what you missed this week in the world of football.

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