Where’s Black Widow?
I recently started following a user on Twitter called @whereisnatasha. It's a twitter page dedicated to finding Black Widow merchandise. When I first saw this I thought "Well, that's not so hard. Avengers stuff is everywhere now." But I recently went on a "Black …
Tatiana Maslany Gets Overlooked At Emmy’s
Sure, Elisabeth Moss was great in her dramatic role as 'Peggy Olson' in the AMC hit show Mad Men. But can she keep the audience captivated by while playing seven different characters (and counting) at the same time, on the same show? Tatiana Maslany can.
The 6 Superhero Movies You Must See This Summer
Iron Man 3 came out yesterday and if you went to see it, you know it was awesome. But once that Iron Man euphoria wears off you’re left with that question of “Well…what’s next?” That’s where I come in. I’ve got the list of all the upcoming superhero movies …
“True Facts” About Morgan Freeman
Years ago a man named Chuck Norris popped up on our pop culture radar as we were fed "true facts" about him and his amazing feats. Thanks to these facts we now know that there is indeed a cure to cancer; it's Chuck Norris's tears. Too bad he doesn't cry...

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