Gift Ideas For Those Who Are Cold-Natured
I really dislike being cold. I think everyone in my entire family, no, make that my entire universe is hot-natured, warm-blooded, whatever. I'm currently wearing layers since our temperatures are finally bottoming out. I found a few neat heated items I could use now until March, maybe?
Five Gifts a Cool Aunt (ME!) Would Get Her Niece/Nephew
Kids these days have more gift options than their grandparents and maybe even their parents had. In my case, I have 5-year-old niece and her list is quite impressive. I'm sure you've heard of Hatchimals. I like to call it a Furby that's been repackaged in a egg for 2016. I have some o…
Saturday Night Owensboro Is Blowing up…Literally
During the upcoming Labor Day weekend there is so much going on around the area.  One things we haven't covered yet is an event I didn't even know about previously, is the Fireworks display at Panther Creek Park outside Owensboro.  Enjoy a Labor Day family weekend treat at Panther Creek Park on Satu…
Which Superhero Should You Date?
Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and maybe you’re still rushing around trying to find the perfect gift for your sweetie. Maybe you have no sweetie and you dread spending the day alone. Why don’t you spend some time thinking (fantasizing) about which superhero you’d like to ge…

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