See the Virtual Tour of The Old Courthouse Catacombs Voodoo Queen
Part of the New Orleans culture is the religious movement known as voodoo. It came over with the African slaves and morphed with the Creoles into Louisiana or New Orleans voodoo. Part of Louisiana voodoo differs from other voodoo around the world because of its emphasis on gris-gris, Li Gr…
Slow Your Roll, Santa! (with gifs)
What is the deal with Christmas??
Okay, I feel like that came off more Jerry Seinfield than I intended it to...But the question stands! Why do we all rush into the Christmas season immediately after Halloween? There are other holidays inbetween too!!!!
The Anatomy of a Halloween Costume
I LOVE Halloween, which means I usually go ALL OUT when it comes to my costume. Every year I always get asked "Hey, where'd you get your costume?" And every year I have the same answer "Me. I made it." Which turns into a long conversation about how I did it, how long it took,... …

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