Black Crayon Goes Rogue In the Crayon Song (video)
Remember those silly songs from kindergarten and pre-K to teach you about colors and shapes? Well, this is a song like that! The crayons are going to teach you all about their colors and how great they are! ...And Black is going to sabotage all of their lines.
If Frat Boys Celebrated Musical Theatre (video)
What if frat boys got excited for musical theatre in the same way that they get excited for a sporting event or party? Well, first of all, it would be called BROadway...and THIS is what it would look like.
Deadpool Gag Reel Released (NSFW Video)
A few weeks ago Ryan Reynolds announced via twitter that Deadpool was "coming early". The Deadpool DVD is still set to be released in stores on May 10th, but the digital release was available online on April 26th. And with it came SOME of the epic special features that we've been waiting f…

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