A Purina Couch, A Great Dane And A Submissive Owner (WATCH)
This is one of the funniest pet videos I've ever seen.  I guess because it reminds me of the 80 pound dog I have named "Harley", only the dog in this video is much bigger than my pip.  This big fella is pretty dominating too.  He wants to relax, at his owners ex…
#gbffridayflashback: Sandman Tries Out for Hee Haw
This week's #gbffridayflashback was my attempt to attempt to audition for the Producer of "Hee Haw".  I had the guitar and the hat...just not the talent.  Check it out..  By the way, you can subscribe the 103GBF You Tube Channel here.
Tri-State Pet Talent Show – WINNER ANNOUCED!
The Tri-State Pet Talent Show winner has been announced! With 564 views, REX has been crowned the winner and will get a $100 gift card to Pet's 1st! Coming in close seconds with 301 votes each are Circus Pit and Dixie the Golden Retriever! Congrats to all our talented pet contestants!
Tri-State Pet Talent Show – VOTING
The Tri-State Pet Talent Show is finally here! These are some talented pets! Watch the videos below and share your favorites on social media! The video with the most views wins a $100 gift card to Pet's 1st!

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