PG 2.0 – The Return of Red
I managed to get Red out of the house and to my favorite spot, PG, again. The first and only other time she went, some crazy chick drug her over over a speaker and nearly put her on the DL with a torn ACL.
The 103GBF Studio is Dangerous! [Watch]
For the most part, the on-air portion of my job should be pretty safe. I push buttons, I click the mouse, I talk into a microphone. How could I possibly get hurt?
I realize I'm not up on a roof or scaffolding somewhere. I'm not running into a fire or chasing down bad guys...
Bathroom 101 With Brandon K
You know what's gross and cool? Putrid Offal's new album, Mature Necropsy (brutal band alert). You know's what's gross and NOT COOL? Improper bathroom etiquette.

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